The Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions

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A Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions | How to put them in, what color to pick and how they will look on - The Blonder Life

A Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions | How to put them in, what color to pick and how they will look on - The Blonder Life

A Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions | How to put them in, what color to pick and how they will look on - The Blonder Life

A Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions | How to put them in, what color to pick and how they will look on - The Blonder Life

A Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions | How to put them in, what color to pick and how they will look on - The Blonder Life

A Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions | How to put them in, what color to pick and how they will look on - The Blonder LifeRevlon Rose Gold Curling Iron

Today’s post is a little bit different than the typical style, or lifestyle post I usually share with you all! We are talking about hair extensions! Something I never thought I would be sharing with you guys. But nonetheless, a post I am really excited about!

About a month ago Irresistible Me reached out to me literally minutes after telling a co-worker I was looking into buying hair extensions – funny how that works? Talk about awesome timing! So, of course I emailed them immediately back and here we are today talking about hair extensions!

I was clueless when it came to the world that is hair extensions. I knew I wanted longer hair, but didn’t know how they would look on me. There are a million different kinds that all come with different colors, lengths and even thickness. Working with Irresistible Me took all of the guessing work out of it. They were SO helpful and made sure I got both the length and color I was searching for!

What length should I choose?

I knew going into it that I wanted a noticeable difference in length. I have always wanted long hair, but have never been patient enough to let my natural hair grow out. Or when I do let it grow out I always end up chopping it off. Top 10 things I always regret. I think most girls have gone through this phase. Anyway, Irresistible Me has a hair chart that shows all of the different lengths you can choose, which was really helpful while picking. I could visualize what my length would like, and sort of figure out which one would be too long, and what would be just right!

A Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions | How to put them in, what color to pick and how they will look on - The Blonder Life

I am wearing the golden blonde Royal Remy hair 18 inches in 200 grams.

How do you find your perfect color?

What’s really great about Irresistible Me is they have a video specifically to help you find the right color! In the video they show all of the color options in natural light, so you can see what they genuinely look like. Also, they compare all of the same tones to each other so you can really see which one works for you! I have lots of natural highlights in my hair, so didn’t really know what color would work best for me but the video was a life-savor. It was super helpful that I could compare all of the different shades of blonde! I could pick out which ones were like platinum as opposed to the more dirty blonde!

I am extremely happy with my hair extensions! They are so soft, and natural looking. And since they are real you can color, wash, cut and style them however you want! I have been wearing them in lots of different braids lately. It’s so fun to have so much hair to play with.

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And surprisingly almost no one has noticed me wearing them. Which is crazy to me because they add SO MUCH length to my hair! I have worn them to work, a few events and even on Snapchat! I was expecting a few messages from people asking about them, but nope. But guess it’s all out for everyone to know now huh? Ha!

And another tip for those of you with hair extensions already, or those about to purchase: bring your extensions to your local salon and have your hairdresser cut your extensions and hair together to make them more blendable! They will know what to do!

How do you put them in?

YouTube was my go-to as soon as my package came in the mail! There are a bunch of influencers and beauty vloggers that have tutorials up on how to put your extensions in! Also, just practicing. Everyone’s hair is different, and you will start to learn where to put your extensions in! It’s all trial and error.

If you have any questions about hair extensions please feel free to leave me a comment, or email me at

My Favorite Hair Products

January 18, 2017

Chenille Cocoon Cardigan

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Chenille Cocoon Cardigan - The Blonder Life | The comfiest cardigan you will ever find, and now under $30!

Chenille Cocoon Cardigan - The Blonder Life | The comfiest cardigan you will ever find, and now under $30!

Chenille Cocoon Cardigan - The Blonder Life | The comfiest cardigan you will ever find, and now under $30!

Chenille Cocoon Cardigan - The Blonder Life | The comfiest cardigan you will ever find, and now under $30!

Chenille Cocoon Cardigan - The Blonder Life | The comfiest cardigan you will ever find, and now under $30!

Chenille Cocoon Cardigan - The Blonder Life | The comfiest cardigan you will ever find, and now under $30!

Chenille Cocoon Cardigan - The Blonder Life | The comfiest cardigan you will ever find, and now under $30!

Cardigan (wearing a L to make extra comfy)| Dress: sold out (similar) | Mod Booties (major sale & in 2 colors) | Sunglasses

Truth be told, I was never a cardigan type of girl. I thought they made me look like a grandma. Silly, I know. Now I absolutely love them! They make any outfit just a little bit more casual, and comfy! And I am such a sucker for outfits that make me look put together, but I can still feel comfortable!

This cardigan I have been living in! It’s the comfiest material, and actually feels like a teddy bear. Besides the cozy factor, I love the colors! I am all about the gray lately, and love how this one is mixed with white as well. It makes it that more versatile! Plus the chunky heel on these suede booties make them the perfect everyday bootie! I could wear them all day for running errands with no complaints! They also come in black!

Every time I ran into Target I would pass this cardigan, and somehow talk myself out of why I needed it. Even though, I totally knew I was going to end up bringing it home. Ladies, you know we all do this. Well, right after the holidays I went into Target for who even knows what and found that basically everything was on sale! If you follow me on Snapchat (username is: jammarie) you saw that I scored big! I found both this cardigan and booties for under $20 AND they’re both still on sale. I have a feeling they both will sell out fast, so hurry and scoop them up!


January 16, 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money in 2017

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 9 easy ways to trick yourself into saving money each month | The Blonder Life

We’re all looking for new ways to save money, and how to add a bit of a cushion to our saving accounts. No matter where you are at financially, saving a few bucks here and there can only benefit you! Who doesn’t want some extra cash in your dream vaca fund?

It seems like every year around this time is when people are on the hunt for new ways to save money. The Holidays can hit our wallets hard, and the new year can be a time to get back on track financially! Speaking from experience…

I am truly not an expert at saving money, but I am working on it!

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Whether you’re wanting to save up for a plane ticket, or even a new car these tips on saving will benefit you! I wanted to include both ways to save up a large amount of money, and of course a few tips on how to spend less on certain wants! We know we all indulge in a latte here and there.

  • Encouraging sticky notes. While I was saving for my camera this past year I put sticky notes up all over my bathroom mirror. I wrote things like “stop eating out” “you WANT that camera” etc.. Basically just encouraging words to remind myself to keep on saving!
  • Hide your cash. In college I babysat every week, and got paid via check or cash. I would immediately put that money in a container and basically “hide” it from myself. Having cash, or a check out of your sight will help you to not use it! If you only get paid in the from of direct deposit try taking out $30 from each paycheck and doing this trick! For some reason hiding cash will really get that sum of money out of your head. It’ll be a nice little “surprise” when you go to deposit it all for your big purchase!
  • Save your side hustle. Like I said, I babysat every week in college! I also was a gymnastics coach in addition. I used what I made coaching for all of my needs, and spending money then saved everything I earned babysitting.
  • For “want” purchases visualize using it. How many times are you actually going to use that selfie stick that’s $20 in the check out line at Target? Try to rationalize with yourself, and see if you are going to get your money’s worth. If you think you’re only going to use, or wear something a handful of times I would pass on it.
  • Pinterest recipes. Basically, a big part of my problem is the amount of money I dish out on eating out. Whether it’s a Starbucks or a Chipotle bowl it adds up friends! Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to saving money on food. Obsessed with this recipe for at home caramel macchiatos.
  • Spare change jar. Empty out your wallet, or pockets every night before bed into a designated jar. You would be surprised at how quickly extra change adds up!
  • The 5 dollar plan. Put away just $5 a week into your savings account. That’s only $1 a day.
  • Continue your payments. If you just paid off your car or even a house continue with those payments. You have already budgeted for that sum of money, so go ahead and deposit the amount into your own savings account each month.
  • Choose cash back. This is my favorite way to save money, and usually works the best for me! Everytime you go to get groceries, or another bigger purchase choose cash back and take out $5! Then when you get home put the cash away. You will barely notice the extra money you took out since it will seem like your grocery bill!

If you enjoyed these tips please let me know in the comment section! What’s the way you save money, and what works for you? I would love to hear all of your tips!

January 4, 2017

Blogging Goals + My New Years Resolutions for 2017

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Hi babes, and happy 2017! Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve, and New Years day!

Blogging Goals + My New Years Resolutions for 2017 | The Blonder Life

Not to sound totally nerdy, but I actually spent both days working on the blog. I know, totally nerdy right? But, let me explain why. I am completely determined to make 2017 the year of my blog. The year I figure (mostly) everything out, and start feeling like I know what I’m doing. If you are a blogger you know there is an endless amount of tasks you could be doing to improve your blog. It can get a bit overwhelming.

But also, it is the greatest hobby turned semi-job I have ever had in my life. I love blogging, and getting to share a part of my life with all of yall! So here are both my personal, and blogging goals for the new year!

Blogging Goals for 2017

  1. Consistent branding & sticking with it! I have had my current theme for awhile now, and wanting to upgrade it in 2017! I also really want to create a whole new branding template for Pinterest and try to stay consistent with it!
  2. Increase my Instagram followers to 5K. I totally know I can do this. My Instagram following has been steadily growing since I implemented a few changes.
  3. Stay ahead of content. Creating posts at 10 PM the night before is just not my cup of tea, and I feel like my content comes out less than great when I do this. in 2017 I want to create content at least a week ahead of time, and stay ahead!
  4. More collaborations with other bloggers. Collabs are my favorite things! I love meeting other bloggers, and getting to create content together.
  5. Invest in a new camera. Before I was super invested in blogging I bought a Sony Alpha A500, which was super great for Instagram and snapping pictures on the go! Looking at it now, I really need a DSLR and hope to invest in one within the next couple of months.
  6. Enroll in one blogging course. This is definitely the most important goal I would love to achieve. There are so many on my list, so I can’t wait to actually commit!
  7. YouTube.I only have a few videos up currently, but am working to upload more frequently this year. Leave me any video requests in the comment section! Stay current with my channel here!


Personal Goals for 2017

  1. Continue being vegetarian. 
  2. Save more, spend less. This has probably been a goal of mine every year honestly. I try my best, but it never sticks. As I get older I realize how important it is to have a savings! So let’s hope 2017 is the year I’ll get my life into gear.
  3. Run 5 miles without stopping. 
  4. Read 1 book a month. 
  5. Enroll Quinn in daycare. This might seem so silly as to a goal for myself, but what can I say #crazydogmom. Quinn has really bad separation anxiety from me since it’s basically just been me and her since she was 8 weeks old. This year I want to start bringing her to daycare while I’m at work a few days out of the month to help her be a healthier, and happier pup!
  6. Travel somewhere new. 
  7. Take a dance class. Up until middle school dance was my life. I spent more time in a dance studio than I did anywhere else. Yes, I am 23 but I have always missed it and really want to get back into a dance studio. Honestly, I don’t even know if this is a possibility but I am going to look into it!

Cheers to 2017!

January 2, 2017

2016 Year In Review

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I feel like every year near the end of Christmas time I start thinking about that certain year flew by so fast. Without a doubt, it happens every year. It’s so crazy how a year can seem so short, yet so long!

2016 was a good one.

I adopted Quinn.

I graduated college.

And most importantly, I started The Blonder Life.

I never finish out a year thinking how awful it was, or wishing for the new one to begin. I think it’s kind of silly going into a year hoping it’ll be different than the previous. A change of one digit in the year you are living isn’t going to change anything – you have to.

Okay, rant over.

I went back and looked over all of my posts from 2016- which wasn’t too many since TBL is less than a year old! Things have changed so much since my first post, thank goodness! I am so excited to see where 2017 takes me, and my tiny corner of the internet! Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout the process, and to everyone reading this post right now!

According to Google Analytics, these are 5 of my most popular posts from the year!

Top Posts of 2016:

  1. Saving Money In College.  I’m pretty proud of this post, especially since I wrote this post pretty early in my blogging career. If you’re looking for a few tips and tricks to save money while going to school check this one out!
  2. How To Grow Long Healthy Hair. A full, detailed post on my hair care routine and ways to grow healthy hair.
  3. Ways To Grow Your Instagram Account Organically. I love talking about Instagram, and sharing ways I have found that help growing my account. Great read if your 2017 goal is to reach a certain following count!
  4. My Workout Playlist. Sharing my Spotify workout playlist, and my experience starting Kayla Itsines BBG program.
  5. 5 Tips For A Better Night Sleep. This was one of my first sponsored posts I did for the blog. All about tips on getting a better night sleep, and ideas to implement into your night routine!

It’s gonna be pretty tough for 2017 to top 2016, but I’m excited to try! So many fun things happened, like adopting my first ever dog! That was such a fun experience, and I will never forget puppyhood (my poor poor apartment- ha!)

First ever Instagram I posted with Quinn. She was so tiny!

College was honestly so fun, and I loved my 4 years at Texas State. San Marcos will always have a little bit of my heart!

I went to New Orleans for my birthday, this past summer. It was gorgeous! My city guide here.

My Favorite Graphic Tee's |


The Blonde Chats | The Blonder Life

Black Ruffle High Low (only $13) Vegas travel guide here.

Belle Sleeve Turtleneck | The Blonder LifeTurtleneck sweater  (in white too)

This is my first ever reader survey! I cannot believe I have waited this long, but I am trying to focus content on what YOU guys want to see! If you could take a few minutes to fill it out, it would mean so much! And it’s completely anonymous, so you can be brutally honest!

Monday’s post is going to be a full list of both my blogging, and personal goals for 2017 so be sure to check back for that! I cannot wait for the new year, and everything to come! Have a great New Years Eve, and I’ll see you back here come Monday!

December 30, 2016

Pink With A Little Edge

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Pale Pink With A Bit Of Edge | The Blonder Life

Pale Pink With A Bit Of Edge | The Blonder Life

Pale Pink With A Bit Of Edge | The Blonder Life

Pale Pink With A Bit Of Edge | The Blonder Life

Pale Pink With A Bit Of Edge | The Blonder Life Pale Pink With A Bit Of Edge | The Blonder Life

Pale Pink With A Bit Of Edge | The Blonder Life

Pale Pink Fuzzy Sweater (similar) | Black Ripped Denim | Sock Booties |
Choker | Lip Color: Maybelline Totally Toffee

This is hands down one of my favorite looks to come to the blog! I had been searching for a way to style this sweater and am so happy with this look! Plus look at the gold detailing on these sock booties! They’re perfect! I love how they add just a little bit of dressiness to this otherwise casual outfit.

I am a sucker for pale pink lately! It’s so flattering on my semi-pale skin tone (summer sun where you at) and love how it’s a subtle hint of color.

Originally I thought I could only wear this sweater with white denim, but decided to try on my favorite black denim and was pleasantly surprised! I love the contrasting colors. I added in the black velvet choker to bring all the black and pink together! After putting this look together I fell in love. I am definitely going to be wearing this similar look a lot throughout the winter months! I think it’s super girly, but edgy all at the same time.

I have been getting a lot of comments on how “edgy” my style is, which is laughable to me. I really wouldn’t categorize my style in one category, but if I had to it wouldn’t be anywhere near edgy. I love playing around with different trends, and pieces and don’t really have a set style! What would you categorize your style as? Or are you more of in between lots of styles like me?


December 28, 2016

15 Activities For The Day After Christmas

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15 Activities To Do The Day After Christmas | The Blonder Life

15 Activities To Do The Day After Christmas | The Blonder Life

 Just had to share these photos with you guys! If you didn’t know I have a 1ish-year-old fur baby named Quinn. (named after One Tree Hill) She’s the love of my life, seriously. She actually is obsessed with me but these photos don’t really portray that… Last year I took Christmas card photos with her, and it was such a hit so I decided to do it again this year!

The day after Christmas is always kind of a sad day, wouldn’t you agree? It’s like all of the festiveness kind of just got sucked away when the clock turned midnight Christmas night. I always wake up feeling super bummed out, and never really know what to do with myself.

I decided this year I really want to continue the holiday season and do something fun! So, of course, I had to share my ideas with you babes.

1. Go to the movies. 
2. Take advantage of all the sales. Seriously there are some awesome ones going on!
3. Continue holiday baking. You’re gonna miss all those sweets next week
4. Get ahead of work (or blogging) 
5. Clean out your closet. This might not be fun for everyone, but it’s a nice refresher for the New Year.
6. Stock up on holiday flavored food. Then it will really be Christmas year round.
7. Go ice skating. They’re gonna start closing down all the icerinks soon!
8. Have a Christmas movie marathon in your PJ’s. Probably what I will be doing today!
9. Make a list of gift ideas for next year. Every Christmas I get so many ideas for presents while watching other people open gifts! I always think “I need to remember this for next year” but never actually do. Write it down!
10. Start coming up with all your New Year’s resolutions.
11. Listen to Christmas music and drive around looking at lights one last time.
12. Send out thank you cards for all the relatives that were out of town.
13. Have a relaxed holiday party. 
The parties don’t have to stop! Invite a few friends over and watch Home Alone and eat all of your leftovers.
14. Walk around the mall, or shopping area. I always love to see what stores have left after the holidays!
15. Find a recipe that incorporates your leftovers. 

 Do you have any fun traditions to do the day after Christmas?

December 26, 2016

Easy Fishtail Side Braid

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Christmas Eve is tomorrow, people! I cannot wait to eat too much and get all dressed up.

Tonight I am having a friend reunion with a bunch of girls from high school!  I am bringing over my favorite caramel apple sangria that is always a crowd pleaser. If you are still in need of a festive adult drink this one is the best!

One of my go-to hairstyles for the holidays is a side fishtail braid. I actually only learned how to fishtail a few months ago, but have since then become a pro. Or so I like to think. They’re really easy to do once you practice a few times. Once you get the hang of it I promise it will be your go-to as well!

I am a big fan of any type of braid for a holiday look. I think it’s a fun spin on the classic curls or straight hair! It gives your outfit just a little bit more in my opinion.

Step 1. Pull all of your hair to one side

Easy Fishtail Braid | The Blonder Life

Step 2. (Optional) Tie into a pony tail

If you choose to do this step cut off the clear elastic when you are finished.

Step 3. Divide into two sections

Easy Fishtail Braid | The Blonder Life

Step 4. Grab a small piece from behind opposite section

Easy Fishtail Braid | The Blonder Life

Step 5. Take that piece and cross over to front

Easy Fishtail Braid | The Blonder Life

Repeat steps 4 + 5 until you reach your desired length.

Easy Fishtail Braid | The Blonder Life

I hope that helped you guys! I know it’s sometimes to learn off of photos, but once you try it out and practice you will get the hang of it!


December 23, 2016