24th Birthday

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Today is my 24th birthday - which is craziness to me. Sharing 24 facts you might now know about me + the cutest denim tank on SALE for $10! Facts about me in celebration of my 24th birthday | The Blonder Life

Denim tank | White denim | Tan heels | Straw hat (similar)

Hi, friends! Today’s post is a little bit different, but it’s my birthday so that’s a reason to change it up, right?! Well, actually tomorrow is my birthday but that’s beside the point. I’ve never been that person who was super into their own birthday, for some reason. I love planning other’s birthdays and tend to go a little overboard actually, but when it comes to my own I don’t really think about it.

This year I’m turning 24, which is so weird to me! I was actually just telling a friend that I remember in college I thought by 24 I would be married, and thinking about having kids – WHAT. Now, I could not even imagine having kids, or being married. It’s still shocking to me that some of my friends have been married for two or more years!

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June 23, 2017

A Guest Post: How Branding + Logo Design Will Bring Your Blog to the Next Level

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Hey, guys! Amanda here! Not to worry, Jamie will be back soon ;). Thanks so much for stopping by. I am here to talk to you about the importance of branding your blog and how graphic design plays a pretty big part in the process.

If you aren’t familiar with me, my name is Amanda Strong and I am the author of the fashion and lifestyle blog, Poised Avenue, and graphic designer and brand developer over at Mandy Lee Designs. Ever since starting Poised Avenue, I have fallen in love with the art of brand development and logo design. Early on, I discovered the importance of being consistent as a blogger to build a cohesive and recognizable brand. Read more…

June 12, 2017

Where To Promote Your Blog Posts After You Hit Publish

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Promotion is key to gaining followers, and getting fresh eyes on your content. When it comes to blogging there is no such thing as over promotion. Listing 5+ places to promote your newest blog post | The Blonder Life

Welcome back to another Tuesday blogging tips post! I have not come up with a series name just yet, so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them in the comment section!

Every Tuesday I will be sharing a blog post giving my tips on one specific blogging question! I pick these questions from tweets, e-mails and messages from all of you! So, if there’s anything you ever want to be covered I would love to hear your opinions!

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June 6, 2017

Introducing #BLBB 1:1 Blog Consultations

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Introducing #BlonderLifeBloggingBabe 1 on 1 blog consultations with yours truly! Lets grow your brand together and stand out to brands! The Blonder Life

Friends, today is the BIG day! I have been working on this “secret” project for what seems like years. It’s basically been on the back burner for quite some time… I got the idea for it about 6 months ago but never really knew what to do with the idea, or how to make it come to life. For the longest time, it was just a simple note on my phone filed away as a long-term goal.

My best brainstorming sessions have been happening on my commute to and from work, surprisingly. So I really have Houston traffic to thank for this finally coming together!  I briefly shared my big idea with a few people on Instagram Live a few weeks ago and the response I got made me start accelerating the process! There’s really no better introduction than to just dive right into it, so here we go!

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June 5, 2017

Summer Trend: Statement Sunglasses

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There's something so sassy and chic about a big pair of sunnies and your favorite denim shorts. This summer statement sunglasses are a big trend. I rounded up lots of great pair of statement sunglasses that are so affordable! Grab a few pairs of sunglasses to wear all summer long. The Blonder Life

Ever since I can remember I’ve been really into sunglasses. Like, I used to own so so many pairs back in high school and college. It was an obsession that I never got over.

I love how they double as a fun accessory, but also work protecting your eyes! Who doesn’t love a two in one?

While my love affair for sunglasses grew, so did my obsession with statement sunnies. Yes, I have a quite small face but I still love adding BIG frames in the summertime. There’s something so sassy and chic about a big pair of sunnies and your favorite denim shorts. I think putting on a pair of big sunnies instantly makes you look so put together, and just gives you that extra bit of confidence.  Read more…

June 2, 2017

Blonde Chats – June 1, 2017

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TheBlonderLife.com Instagram round up : June 2017

Hello, friends! It’s been a hot second since I have done one of these Blonde Chat posts! Life has been crazy, and I was trying to get back into my blogging groove. I’m happy to report, I have scheduled so so many posts and have lots of fun content coming up.

As always, if you ever have a certain topic you want to be covered on The Blonder Life I would love to hear your input. Whether it’s a blogging tip or trend – I want to know what you want to see! Feel free to comment down below your requests, or send me an e-mail.

Today I’m going to be featuring a LOT of looks you might have missed, and give you some closet inspiration. So, hope you’re in the mood for some retail therapy. If you’re a fan of these chit-chat kind of posts you can always navigate to my “Browse” tab and click “Blonde Chats” to read the previous posts!

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June 1, 2017

May Favorites + New Video

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Hooray for Wednesday, just one day closer to the weekend! Push through friends. I have a new video up on my channel today, and it’s a collaboration with my gorgeous friend, April, who is also a blogger at DarlingApril.com. She recently launched her YouTube channel so we wanted to partner on this video and share some things we have been loving in May!

With June right around the corner (literally tomorrow) what better time than today?! Read more…

May 31, 2017