Blonde Chats Vol 1

Hi friends, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Currently, I am snuggled in bed with my fuzzy socks on, and my autumn harvest candle burning right beside me. So I am in fall heaven! Bonus, in Texas it is kinda fall weather – it has been in the low 60’s all weekend. Craziness! This girl is ready to whip out her riding boots, and scarves like right now!

Recently I have been wanting to start a series where I can just sit down and talk (well, type) about life. I love “coffee dates” and “Instagram roundups” but want something that is just my own. I have been endlessly searching for inspiration for a series name, but have obviously come up short. If you guys have any ideas of a cute/ creative series name let me know! Would love your suggestions!

Basically, I just want to get a little bit more personal, and share what’s been going on in my life this month while also showing a few of my favorite photos from my Instagram account.

Did a little exploring after work tonight and found the perfect place for shopping + a future coffee break! It was a good day.

Life has been basically a mixture of exploring my hometown turned adult town. It’s so funny once you move back home and start finding cute spots you totally would have loved in high school, but were never adventurous enough to spend the day in the city by yourself. Now I so love hanging out downtown by myself. Anyone else gained a love for independence in college?

Chit Chat Vol 1 | The Blonder Life

If you didn’t know, in May I graduated from Texas State University – majoring in Public Relations. Texas State was playing The University of Houston, and our school was also hosting a recent grad tailgate so of course all my friends and I wanted to go! It was such a fun weekend pretending we all were college kids again (and ignoring the fact we all had work on Monday)! But it was so fun to see all my friends, it had been too long!

Chit Chat Vol 1 | The Blonder Life

SHOES mayari birkenstocks in stone

Oh, and it’s finally fall! If you’re familiar with Texas, you know that we basically get two seasons- winter(ish) and summer. We usually don’t get the pinteresty fall everyone else gets to experience! No leaves changing, and definitely no switching our wardrobes as soon as September hits. But maybe this year things will be different? It has been in the low 60’s recently and I am LOVING it! Just praying this weather stays for awhile. But not holding my breath. 

Chit Chat Vol 1 | The Blonder Life

RING texas ring 

Pretty proud of the post I wrote to go along with this photo. Needing a few hair tips to add to your routine? Check it out here

Chit Chat Vol 1 | The Blonder Life

 PLANNER sugar paper planner

Okay, so now we are done with the pretty photogenic part of this chit chat! Where do I even start?

September was a fun month for me. I started to see a big increase in stats for my blog, which is always a little bit of a mood booster! I realized blogging is something I want to eventually pursue because it is something I am so passionate about and I so love sharing everything with you guys! If any of you ladies out there blog full time send some tips my way!

And with that being said, I am looking around for a photographer to help me better The Blonder Life. If you, or anyone you know is a photographer in the Houston area please please comment below, or e-mail me at Would really appreciate it!

But with having a blog, and sharing a little piece of me on the internet there has been some negative feedback and people voicing their own opinions on something that has no relation to them. Simply put, people will not always understand, or accept what you’re doing. But the people that do support you, and love you through your passions are the ones worth holding onto.

On a lighter note- I reached 1,000 followers on Instagram finally! Not gonna lie, I might have screamed a little when I refreshed and saw that number. I totally don’t believe numbers define me, but when what you do relies heavily on social media, bigger is better. Make sure you’re following me – a fun fall themed giveaway may or may not be in the works. Hint: it is. 

I really want to start posting more on my YouTube channel- that is my October goal, so hold me accountable. And if you guys have any ideas for posts, or videos please feel free to comment below! I love to get your opinions!

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