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10 + content ideas for Instagram Stories and how to build your brand via stories. Engage with your ideal audience in a more authentic way using Instagram Stories. What to post on Instagram Stories and how to build your brand | The Blonder Life

When Instagram first launched their Stories feature I was reluctant to try it out. I felt they had completely copied Snapchat, and didn’t want another platform to keep up with, honestly.

At the beginning, I used Snapchat of a more real – everyday vlogging style and kept IG stories more tailored, and clean cut. After a few weeks of testing it out, I realized I had more people viewing my Instagram story compared to Snapchat. And, since it was all on one app it was easier for me to push people from my story to my actual feed. I had a greater engagement there and felt like I was actually reaching my ideal audience. If you’re a creative still using both, I suggest differentiating the content! Don’t save everything from one platform and upload it to the other – you most likely have a lot of the same followers on both! 

IG Stories is a great way to connect with your audience in a variety of ways! There’s so many creative tools to make your stories inviting and an extension of your brand! Today I’m sharing 10 content ideas to post on your stories, as well as a few hacks!

So what should I post on IG Stories?

This is all going to depend on you, and what you want your brand to be! Take a look at the below content ideas, and figure out which one works best for you!

Everyday life.

People tend to LOVE when bloggers or other creatives share their everyday RAW life. It’s nice to see the real life behind all of those pretty photos. People are naturally curious, and following you because they like who you are, and what you post. Let them see snippets of you walking around Target, or how you get ready in the morning when you’re running late. Show them the person behind the perfect feed!


Give a look at the behind the scenes of your biz. Whether it’s how you shoot a video, take an Instagram pic or even the struggles of a flat lay! You can add some tips into this too, and make it a weekly segment!

Dressing room diaries.

If you’re a fashion blogger, this has been a big trend on stories lately! Give a look at what you’re trying on in the dressing room! It’s nice to show your followers how things actually fit you, and whether you’re going to buy it or not. If you have the swipe up feature, you can add a direct link so your followers are able to purchase the item!


I don’t know why, but this is always my favorite thing to watch on IG stories! Maybe I’m just nosey of what people ordered, but it’s entertaining to watch! Show you unboxing your newest purchases from ASOS, or what you got in the mail from a PR company!

Stories take over.

A great way to build your brand is by swapping stories with another account! Make sure you pick the right fit for both you and your followers. Try to stick within the same category of what your brand is so that it is beneficial for your followers. Have said account post on your stories throughout the day introducing themselves and their brand, while you do the same on their account. It will give you exposure to a new audience in a fun and creative way!

Promote new blog posts.


Instagram is a fun way to interact with your followers, but the end game should be to encourage them to read your blog (what we OWN ladies) Market your newest blog post, and add something that entices them to go read! If you’re not a blogger: remind them about what you do, and sell.

Engagement on post.

With the Ig algorithm getting worse and worse now is the time to push for great engagement! Ask your followers a question to answer on your latest picture! If you posted something about wanting to plan a trip to Nashville, ask them their suggestions! This is a great way to interact with your followers, and build that genuine relationship!

Weekly motivation.

Exclusive giveaway.

Offer an exclusive giveaway on your IG stories, and don’t announce it anywhere else! You could make the rules simple, and offer a $5 Starbucks gift card to the winner! Have your followers like your 5 latest pictures to enter, or even post about your feed on their own IG stories. Make it super easy!

IG stories series.

Create exclusive content that is only for IG stories, and make it into a weekly or monthly series! This is great to keep people around, and checking your stories! If they know every first of the month you post your workout routine or easy meals they will keep coming back!


Posting a recipe on your stories can be so simple, and easy to work into your other content! If you have a go-to smoothie recipe – share it! It’s a great way to show more of your everyday life, and what you love to eat!

IG Stories Hacks

1. Create a solid background
Take a photo, select the pen icon in the right-hand corner, then select which color you wish the screen to be and hold it down (on the photo) for 3 seconds. Now your whole screen will be that color! 

2. Get the full color wheel
You can access the whole color wheel by selecting the pen icon in the right-hand corner, then holding down the color options at the bottom. This will allow you to use any color! 

3. Adding shadows to your text
Create your text twice! Add your text in one color, and then add the same exact text in another! Now layer the second text ontop of the first to create the desired shadow effect. 

4. Uploading older content
Intastories only allows you to upload photo or videos that are taken within 24 hours. Download the app “Metadata” which will erase all of your file information regarding date and time! 

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Happy Tuesday loves, hope these posts have been helping you out! If you’re liking these blogging posts, let me know in the comment section, and leave any suggestions for next week!


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  • These tips are SO helpful! I definitely love Stories but struggle with what to post some days! I really love the small giveaway idea. You’re totally right–it needs to be super easy to enter!

    • Jamie

      I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the post! Once you figure out what’s most enjoyable for you to post AND what your readers love you’ll get the hang of it.

      I think a Ig Stories giveaway would be so fun, and make your followers feel more appreciated!

  • Thanks for the ideas! I never use ig stories but I’m looking to start!

    • Jamie

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad I could give you some inspiration!

  • Love this Jamie! I was hesitant about Insta stories at first too, but now I love it! And question, is Metadata harmful to your photos or phone at all? I feel like erasing all the date and time info of your pics would be bad.

    • Jamie

      Aren’t they so fun?!

      It doesn’t bother me, but I could see how it may get annoying to some!

  • Love these tips Jamie! I’ve been actually liking IG Stories better than actual Instagram lately when it comes to engaging my audience haha.

    • Jamie

      I so agree, and have been doing the same!