Owning A Dog In Your 20’s

What it's like owning a dog in your 20's. Quick Q+A to get to know Quinn and what it was like owning a dog as a college student | The Blonder Life

My baby is two years old today! In honor of Quinn’s birthday, I decided to give her a little cameo on the blog, and let you guys in on what it’s really like owning a dog in your 20’s! 

I adopted Quinn in September of my senior year of college. She was around 8 weeks, and seriously the cutest tiniest little pup! I had been wanting a dog forever, and basically searching through different websites and shelters to find one.

What it's like owning a dog in your 20's. Quick Q+A to get to know Quinn and what it was like owning a dog as a college student | The Blonder Life

Quick backstory.

In September my roommate and I were dog sitting for her boyfriends Great Dane that was also pregnant! Luna (the dog) ended up having all of her puppies at our two bedroom apartment, and I desperately wanted to adopt one. Long story short, the puppies ended up getting sick and I decided that it wasn’t the best fit for me to adopt them.

But, since I had so many cute puppies living with me I had extreme puppy fever. I needed a dog.

So, that’s when I found Quinn and immediately adopted her. She was actually the first puppy I picked up out of her litter, and there was no going back. I was in love.

Fast forward, and now two years later Quinn is still the love of my life. Literally, she’s my child. It’s so crazy to think that I have had her for almost exactly two years, and for the majority of her life.

Taking care of an 8-week old puppy while going to school and working part-time was… an experience. But, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Owning a dog in your 20’s is such a fun adventure, and it can really teach you a lot about yourself!

What it's like owning a dog in your 20's. Quick Q+A to get to know Quinn and what it was like owning a dog as a college student | The Blonder Life

I asked you guys to send me any questions about Quinn or owning a dog so I’m going to answer those now!

1. What breed is she?

She’s a Catahoula leopard dog. If you look up the photos of that breed online she actually looks nothing like it, but I swear she is! That’s why she has two different colored eyes (my favorite thing about her)

2. How did you come up with her name?

I was watching One Tree Hill at the time while I was finding a dog and one of the characters name is Quinn so I added it to my list and once I picked up Quinn it just fit her.

3. What is something unique to Quinn?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. There’s so many quirky things she does!

If you know Quinn you know she’s a very… unique dog ? She is very needy and if she wants my attention while I’m on my phone, or laptop she will sit there and nudge it with her nose until I pay attention to her. It’s pretty funny actually. She also is very vocal and is constantly “talking” to me when she wants something. And since she’s a hunting breed she smells EVERYTHING.

4. How did you balance a puppy, school and having a life in college?

It was not an easy thing having a puppy while finishing up college. The day I picked up Quinn I actually skipped all my classes (sorry mom) At first it was hard to focus on school when I had this cute little puppy always wanting to play or needing to go out. Eventually it did get easier, and we got on a schedule so that really helped.

As for having a life all of my friends loved Quinn and knew that if they wanted to see me they had to come over or invite me to dog friendly places (not kidding) I also had the best friends and they helped with potty breaks while I was in class or at work. It really does take a village!

It was tough, but I made it work. I really liked having the responsibility, so I always made sure Quinn was taken care of and sometimes I had to stay home while my friends were going out.

5. What’s something you weren’t expecting about having a puppy?

Potty training. That is hard work and for Quinn, it took forever… Like I’m talking almost a full year.

For the most part, I did a lot of research and knew about the sleepless nights and chewing everything but I wasn’t really ready for all the potty accidents.

Word to the wise: potty pads end up screwing you over in the long run.

6. Does she have any nicknames?

Quinny, Quinn Marie (when she’s in trouble) Schmoo, and Mama.

7. What is your advice to someone in their 20’s wanting to adopt a dog?

Get ready to completely fall in love with him/her.

I have always been an animal person, and especially loved dogs. But, owning a dog that is 100% only yours is different. Quinn is my actual child. I am so obsessed with her and love her so much it hurts. You’ll become that obsessed pet parent, and it’s the greatest thing! This might seem so cheesy but it’s true. I love Quinn so much, and could not imagine my life without her!


For all my Houston friends hope you are staying safe and dry out there! Currently camped out at my sister’s house waiting for everything to pass. Even though today is Quinny’s birthday it looks like we might have to celebrate a little bit later in the week!

Hoping this all passes over soon!


  • I loved this post!!! I can’t wait to get a little pup that’s all mine!!
    Also, so glad to hear you are safe. šŸ™‚

    Grace | miss-graciela.blogspot.com