The Blonder Life Blog

 The Blonder Life Blog began as a college class project and bloomed into what you see today. My little piece of the internet has become such a passion of mine, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it for you!

What you can expect // 

  • Fashion. I love sharing my outfits with y’all, and showing you the ways I style them and make them unique to my style.
  • Health + Recipes. Let’s not get confused, I am in no way a grade A chef, but I do love sharing the occasional drink recipes!
  • Blonde Chats. This is one of my favorite series here at The Blonder Life. I re-cap my life, and kind of summarize my month giving you more tidbits of my personal life!  Vol 1 / Vol 2 
  • Blogging Tips. Needing help with growing your Instagram, or ways to brand yourself? I love sharing my knowledge of blogging with you!


The Blonder Life Blog

  1. I could adopt 100 dogs and still not be satisfied
  2. French fries are my love language
  3. There’s not a shade of coral I don’t like
  4. I want to live in Arkansas, or Atlanta at some point
  5. I’m the girl who spends her whole day in Target looking at candles and throw pillows
  6. My life goal is to own everything from Urban Outfitters home decor section
  7. I tend to shorten every word, and use texting lingo IRL
  8. Katy Perry waved to me at a concert
  9. I find organization to be a hobby
  10. Papa John’s cheese pizza is my ideal meal
  11. I’m the best version of myself on a beach during summertime reading a book and sipping a pina colada
  12. My biggest regret is quitting dance in the 8th grade
  13. You will never see my nails unpainted
  14. I am the most indecisive person, and have to ask everyone close to me for their opinion before buying anything over $10
  15. As much as I love getting dressed up, I have a deep appreciation for oversized t-shirts and Nike shorts