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Spring Trend: How To Style A Neck Scarf

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These pair of tomgirl jeans fit like a dream, and are my absolute favorite thing in my closet right now. They are super comfortable and have the perfect slouchy fit, yet are still flattering. Everyone needs that perfect pair of ripped denim!

This pair of distressed denim has been on major repeat lately, but after scrolling through can you blame me? I love all of the distressing, and they are the perfect fit! I usually am not a fan of the boyfriend fit of jeans because they end up just bagging out, but these are perfect! I am wearing a 0, and could easily size down – just in case you’re wanting to purchase them!

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April 18, 2017

How To Get Paid As A Small Blogger + Knowing Your Worth

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So, the premise as to why I’m writing this post is actually pretty surprising to me! I do not consider myself a super successful blogger by any means, and I am always learning new ways to monetize and how to better my content! There honestly is so much to learn, let me just tell ya. Researching for this post was just a tad bit overwhelming. Try searching “getting paid as a small blogger” on Pinterest… you will get thousands of results!

How to get paid your worth as a blogger. Learn that your time and brand is worth more than free product + land your next sponsored post. How to email back brands, know your worth and ask for a paid collab!

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April 10, 2017

How To Use Like To Know It + The New App

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Have you ever wondered how to use, or how to shop on Instagram? I'm covering all of the basics step-by-step in today's post.

LikeToKnowIt is probably the best tool out there for both bloggers and non-bloggers! In short-terms (or LTK) is a tool that helps you shop exact items from an Instagram post through either e-mail or their new app! More on this later…

Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about why I always have a link in my Instagram captions or have them in my Instagram/Snapchat stories. I have had a few of my non-blogger friends, or family reach out to me and tell me they are so lost on what is! Rightfully so… It can be confusing if you don’t have anyone explaining it to you!

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March 24, 2017

How To Transition Your Denim Skirt From Day To Night

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Transitioning my denim skirt into a night time look, say what? You’re crazy Jamie. I know that’s what you all are thinking, but just trust me… it can be done!

After seeing this denim skirt styled so many different ways, I knew I had to make this post. Right when I put it into my shopping cart I started picturing how I was going to wear it. I knew I definitely had to pair it with my favorite Adidas superstar sneakers, but also thought it would look super sassy with my black OTK boots. So, since I couldn’t decide between the two I decided to combine the look into this day-to-night look you are seeing today!

During the day

Taking your denim skirt from day to night today on The Blonder Life

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February 10, 2017

How To Make Your Commute Suck Way Less

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8 Things to do in the car during your work, or school commute | The Blonder Life

I have never been one of those people who love driving and finds long drives relaxing. Nope! Not me at all. All four years of college I went to a university over three hours away from home. I have definitely had my fair share of driving.

Now that I’m graduated, I still haven’t quite escaped the long driving thing. Although it’s not three hours I still do commute to work every day. Thankfully my office is only about thirty minutes from my house, but add Houston traffic into that mix and we tack on an extra fifteen minutes. So not fun.

I have found a few ways to make commuting suck less. Whether you’re going to work, or even school these tips should help you feel a bit happier during your drive!

Things to do in the car during your work, or school commute.

Listen to a podcast. There’s so many on iTunes and Spotify you can download straight to your phone. I love Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss radio podcast on Spotify!

Listen to calming music. There’s so many great playlists on Spotify! Turn it on in the background and try to relax on your otherwise hectic commute.

Use Waze. This app is a life, and time saver! It will direct you to the quickest route, which will sometimes make your commute shorter!

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Things to do in the car during your work, or school commute | The Blonder Life

Bring a snack. This could totally be a Jamie thing, but something about having pretzels or candy to snack on during my way to work makes me happier.

Download a brand new album and jam out. Find a brand new album you have never listened to, and spend your commute listening to all new songs.

Things to do in the car during your work, or school commute | The Blonder Life

Be productive. Something about wasting thirty minutes in the car really bugs me. I tend to use this time to make a to-do list, or start mentally planning out blog posts.

Carpool if you can. Driving alone can be super boring, especially if it’s a long drive. Grab a friend who works nearby and plan a schedule! This would be a great way to save on gas too!

Spray fresh scents. Keep your car clean, and smelling nice! Sitting in a dirty car on a long drive will make you feel antsy. If you like essentials oils, check out this car oil diffuser!

January 20, 2017

Tips To Shopping At SheIn: How To Be Happy With Your Purchases

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5 proven methods I have used and tested while shopping at SheIn! Tips and tricks to ensure you get the pieces you expected and love! 5 Tips for being happy with your purchases from

Striped Top (only $15!) | Black Denim | Over The Knee Boots

About a month ago I ordered from SheIn for the first time. If you’re unfamiliar with SheIn it is a Chinese-based online store with seriously low prices! It’s actually crazy how cheap things are sold for on this website.

Like most of those Chinese websites not everything sold is perfect, and you kind of don’t know what to expect when ordering. But along the way I have figured out a few tips on how to shop through the website, and come out with pieces you genuinely love. Read more…

December 12, 2016

How To Find Motivation To Start Working Out

Hi friends! Today I am happy to announce I am collaborating with the lovely Simone, and sharing a two-part series on all things workout motivation! So make sure to check out her post after reading this one, to read tips on keeping up with your workout routine!

By all means, I am no fitness expert, but I do have a few tips that helped me get back into shape and wanted to share them with you! Like I said in this post I recently started Kayla Itsine’s BBG program and have found a few tips on how I found the motivation to start working out again.   Read more…

September 23, 2016

How To Grow Long Healthy Hair

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How To Grow Long Healthy Hair |

Today I am talking about hair hair and more hair! Everyone has that one thing about themselves that they’re pretty confident about, and to me it is my hair. Totally not trying to sound conceited but I always get questions on how I have such healthy, shiny hair so I wanted to share my tips for growing long, healthy hair with you!

Unfortunately, there is not one magic product, or vitamin to take that will leave you with gorgeous hair. As I have grown up I’ve realized healthy hair is basically a lifestyle commitment. Having healthy hair takes more than you think, so here I am to guide you along the process. Read more…

September 5, 2016