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Summer Trend: Statement Sunglasses

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There's something so sassy and chic about a big pair of sunnies and your favorite denim shorts. This summer statement sunglasses are a big trend. I rounded up lots of great pair of statement sunglasses that are so affordable! Grab a few pairs of sunglasses to wear all summer long. The Blonder Life

Ever since I can remember I’ve been really into sunglasses. Like, I used to own so so many pairs back in high school and college. It was an obsession that I never got over.

I love how they double as a fun accessory, but also work protecting your eyes! Who doesn’t love a two in one?

While my love affair for sunglasses grew, so did my obsession with statement sunnies. Yes, I have a quite small face but I still love adding BIG frames in the summertime. There’s something so sassy and chic about a big pair of sunnies and your favorite denim shorts. I think putting on a pair of big sunnies instantly makes you look so put together, and just gives you that extra bit of confidence.  Read more…

June 2, 2017

Gift Guide: Mother’s Day 2017

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Looking for that special present for your momma for Mother's Day? I rounded up all my favorite picks that all come with free fast shipping so you can get it in time!

Hi friends, today’s post is going to be short and sweet because this week is a little crazy for me!

 My sister is having her baby today! So, we’re all pitching in to watch Stella and all taking turns going to the hospital! So last night I stayed over at my sister’s house while they headed to the hospital, and now I’m with Stella for the morning then heading into work! I actually used to babysit my niece Stella every Friday while I was in college so it totally brings me back to those days of feeling like a mom for a day! I don’t know how all you momma’s do it!

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May 4, 2017

Beach Bound

The ultimate spring break packing guide. Inspiration/shoppable links to tons of bags, tops, dresses, wedges and everything in between! If you're headed to the beach soon for any kind of trip this is the perfect packing guide for you. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Today’s post has me so ready for a beach vacation! Only sad thing is, I don’t have a Spring Break anymore. Struggles of growing up I guess! All of you college girls don’t take your week long break of fun in the sun for granted! Us post-grad working adults would trade places with you in a second!

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March 6, 2017

Unique Christmas Gifts For Everyone

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Unique Christmas Gifts | The Blonder Life

Unique Christmas Gifts | The Blonder Life

Unique Christmas Gifts | The Blonder Life

Unique Christmas Gifts | The Blonder Life

Unique Christmas Gifts | The Blonder Life

Karen Walker Sunglasses

So Christmas is right around the corner people! 11 days to be exact. Which means now is crunch time to finish shopping for everyone left on your list!

Christmas time is the best! I love giving out gifts, and watching someone open up a gift and love it as much as you had hoped for! It’s kind of like a confidence booster when your mom or best friend actually loves what you got them! Especially when you put so much time and effort trying to find the perfect gift for someone!

My favorite thing to do is give someone a bit of a unique gift. Not something super weird, but outside of their normal wishlist! It’s super fun, and they won’t have anything like it! Below are a few of my ideas, and they all are super easy to create and very affordable!

Unique Christmas Gifts

  1. Jar of memories. My high school best friend did this for me for a birthday, and I thought it was super sweet and was really unique. Find a jar or box and fill it up with little notes of memories between you and that person. They will love it!
  2. Subscription box. They are all the rage lately, but you usually don’t think to gift them to a friend or family member! Who wouldn’t love to receive a whole box of goodies, or a pair of Prada sunglasses each month!? I have two deals for you guys right now! I have partnered up with Lilee (read my whole review on their lifestyle and beauty box here) to give one lucky winner two Lilee boxes full of awesome goodies! Enter on my Instagram (running 12/14- 12/16) Also, right now you can get one month FREE of designer sunglasses using the code “theblonderlife” on Ditto during checkout! You could use your free month to give as a gift to your sister, or bestie and then simply cancel after a month!
  3. Gifts in a jar. Grab a mason jar from your local Hobby Lobby and fill it up with whatever goodies you find! There’s a ton of recipes on Pinterest for cookies or other treats! Or find a few girly items like nail polish, and lotion. These are the best for co-workers, or maybe your favorite hairdresser. They’re super easy to make and show someone you were thinking about them! I have given this one to friends on their birthdays and they were a big hit!
  4. Painted mug. This might sound so elementary, but sometimes the best gifts are homemade! Grab a white mug from any home store and let your creative juices flow!

December 14, 2016

Tips To Shopping At SheIn: How To Be Happy With Your Purchases

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5 proven methods I have used and tested while shopping at SheIn! Tips and tricks to ensure you get the pieces you expected and love! 5 Tips for being happy with your purchases from

Striped Top (only $15!) | Black Denim | Over The Knee Boots

About a month ago I ordered from SheIn for the first time. If you’re unfamiliar with SheIn it is a Chinese-based online store with seriously low prices! It’s actually crazy how cheap things are sold for on this website.

Like most of those Chinese websites not everything sold is perfect, and you kind of don’t know what to expect when ordering. But along the way I have figured out a few tips on how to shop through the website, and come out with pieces you genuinely love. Read more…

December 12, 2016

Stocking Stuffers For Him + Giveaway

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I think Gift Guides are becoming a favorite of mine here on The Blonder Life. They’re super fun to create, and it gives me a reason to online shop without actually spending any money!

Today’s post is a collab with Amanda Strong from Poised Avenue! She is seriously the cutest, and is always posting super stylish content! Check out her post which is a gift guide on stocking stuffers under $25 as well, but for her! Be sure to stick around until the end of this post to learn how to enter the giveaway we are hosting!

I have, and always will hate shopping for any kind of guy in my life. Whether it’s for a boyfriend, brother-in-law or your dad, we can all agree that shopping for men is just hard. I never know what to get them! I feel like stores offer so many stocking stuffers for women options, and then the men section just has socks and boxers. Which I still think can be pretty cute and a super easy item to throw into a stocking. But nonetheless, there isn’t really a huge selection when it comes to that certain guy in your life.

I gathered up 10 items for the sporty guy, the minimalist, the stylish and the techy man you’re shopping for this Christmas season!

Whether you’re a wife shopping for items to fill up a stocking or even a girlfriend looking for little gifts to give to a new boyfriend this guide is the one for you! All items are under $25, and general enough to fit that special man in your life.

In the same fashion as my Gift Guide For Millennials, the above graphic is shoppable just by hovering over the desired product and clicking! 

Shop For Him

Shop For Her – Poised Avenue

In the real spirit of the holidays, Amanda and I are hosting a fun giveaway for all of our readers! We are giving away one tassel keychain that would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone! Or keep it for yourself, I know I would. To enter simply subscribe to both of our blogs, as well as following us on Instagram! And read below on bonus entries that will give you a better chance of winning!

Visit to win one of these suede tassel keychains!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

December 9, 2016

Gifts For The Millennial: Under $75

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I am so excited to be sharing with you guys The Blonder Life’s first ever Christmas gift guide! I cannot wait for Christmas, and I have so many fun things coming your way this month! I love finding that absolute perfect gift for someone, and not being able to wait until Christmas to give it to them! With that being said, sometimes you really have no idea what to get someone, and that can be kind of stressful. I want to help you guys out with your holiday shopping and make the process of gift giving a total blast!

This guide can be for any millennial in your life whether it’s your sister, niece, cousin, girlfriend or bestie! I tried to make the items pretty sensible, and a wide enough range to fit that special girl in your life. All of these items are under $75, and the above graphic is completely shoppable. Hover over the item you’re interested in and then click it to be forwarded to the website! I made it SO easy for you, you don’t have any more excuses!

Looking for just a little gift for someone you wouldn’t normally splurge on? (Check out this and this)

Both men and women can purchase any of these items and be a total winner in the eyes of the receiver! And hey, if you’re a millennial reading this pin it to your Christmas Wishlist board to help your mom or boyfriend get a few ideas on what to give you!

I am actually obsessed with all of these items, and even have a few on my own wishlist!

The white pom beanie I snatched up this past weekend during Black Friday and I cannot wait until the Texas weather cooperates so I can actually wear it out. And how comfy does this sweater look?! Any girl would love getting this sweater- no matter their style. If you’re totally spacing on what to get maybe a family member you aren’t totally close with, this is the gift! It’s the candle that Anthropologie burns- meaning it smells divine!

Let me know what you plan on getting that special 20-something in your life, whether it’s your sister or girlfriend! Love hearing new ideas!

The Blonder Life

December 2, 2016

Gift Guide: Father’s Day

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So Father’s Day is coming up (June 19th people) and shopping for that number one man in your life can be a little difficult, right? For dad it always seems extra hard, unlike for mom- yummy smelling candle with a handwritten letter and back on the favorite daughter list. Or at least that always works for me!

Dad if you’re reading this your gift is not on this list, so good try.

My dad is the biggest University of Texas fan (football, people) Between Christmas and birthday’s, and of course Fathers Day we have bought him basically everything longhorn oriented. I’m talking socks, ties and even a lawn gnome… yup, we have bought it ALL. So it can be kind of hard finding something that we haven’t already bought for him throughout the years. Read more…

June 9, 2016