Growing Your Blog Through Social Media: Twitter

Growing your social media channels can be more beneficial than just an ego boost. Gaining followers can boost your traffic to your blog, and turn followers into loyal readers. Learn how I'm increasing my traffic with Twitter here!

The best and most effective way to grow your online business is through social media. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website and in long term gain paying customers and loyal followers. Everyone can use some help when it comes to growing their social media, and if you’re like most people you are totally lost when it comes to Twitter. As a blogger there’s already so many different platforms that you’re struggling to keep up with, so why add another to the mix? But, I’m here to tell you Twitter can be extremely beneficial for your traffic!

 I have been using Twitter consistently for my blog for only a few months now, and have seen the benefits! Twitter sends out a big chunk of traffic to my blog, and is a great way to make connections! Whether you’re looking to build long term relationships with brands or meet other bloggers in your niche Twitter can help!

Today’s post is a four-part series with 3 other amazing blogger babes covering all of our favorite social media channels! Be sure to head to their posts after reading mine to get their insight and pro-tips on growing your social media, and helping your online business! 

Here are the strategies I have been implementing to help grow my business using Twitter!

This might seem like way too many times, but let me explain why this can be extremely important!

Twitter has always been the social media channel where multiple posts a day is completely acceptable and the norm. So why not take advantage of that? The more you post, the bigger the chance you have to reach more people. The more people you reach equals more followers and equals potential readers! I typically tweet three times a day and do my best to spread them out!

Twuffer is a great way to schedule your tweets, and it’s free!

Sharing is caring

Promoting your own content is key, we can all agree on that. But, you want to make sure you are changing around what you post for your followers.

Sometimes followers will get tired of seeing the same self-promotion every morning. Use that retweet button, and share a favorite bloggers post! Your followers will appreciate being exposed to a new account, and you will most likely create a relationship with the blogger you shared! Win win right?

Try sharing another bloggers post weekly and tag them in it! The more you engage with other accounts like yours, the more chance you have for new followers! The great thing about Twitter is you can see every engagement and action an account does. Everytime another account retweets or replies to you, their followers will see that on their own feed!

Take advantage of your bio

Make sure you are completely filling out your Twitter bio, and wasting no space! Include your email, location and of course, a direct link to your website!

You want your bio to clearly state who you are, and what your brand is about! Think about what you would want a potential new follower to know about you when they’re deciding whether to follow you or not.

You don’t have as many characters compared to other social channels so you will have to get creative! Think about your mission, and what your blog stands for.

Are you a fashion blogger who only shares dupes for a designer or a food blogger that is strictly vegan? Make sure you share what is unique about your brand! You want your bio to show a glimpse at what you blog about so as to entice followers to click that link to your blog!

Follow alike accounts

One thing I have noticed about Twitter is that accounts are way more likely to follow back compared to Instagram.

Take a few minutes once a week to find other accounts like yours, and follow them! I am not telling you to go on a following spree though or do the whole follow to unfollow method. No, find accounts you genuinely like and follow and engage with them! 9/10 times they will follow back.

Post retweetable content

Try to consistently tweet out inspirational quotes or photos that you think will get a lot of retweets. Retweeting is the easiest way to reach new followers.

Keep up with daily hashtags like #motivationmonday or #tbt to stay relevant and gain more exposure.

Numbers aren’t everything

Unlike Instagram, your follower count on Twitter isn’t the most important thing. Twitter makes it easy for your content to be seen by accounts not following you.

If your tweet promoting your blog post is retweeted AND seen then your blog post is still being read even though your follower count may not be growing. You never know, you may gain a loyal reader and even subscriber from that one retweet!

Although you may not grow your twitter follower count rapidly, your blog traffic will be growing!

What are your top tips for gaining followers on Twitter, or do you disregard it altogether? Would love to know your strategies and what has been working for you!

A four part series on learning how to grow your social media and gaining traffic to your blog. Click here to read about the most important strategies for each channel

A four part series on learning how to grow your social media and gaining traffic to your blog. Click here to read about the most important strategies for each channel

A four part series on learning how to grow your social media and gaining traffic to your blog. Click here to read about the most important strategies for each channel


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  • Adriana

    Such great tips! Twitter is a hard one to maneuver but I’ll be trying your tips!

  • Since tweets last ~11 seconds, I’d recommend doing it way more than 3-4 times…bump up to around 20 times if you want the best impact, and schedule all day long! SUCH a game changer!

    Coming Up Roses

  • These are great tips! I’m not very good with Twitter, so I’ll definitely keep this in mind and try and do them more often!

  • What great tips!!! I am awful at tweeting, but need to step up my game more!

  • Ash Neverson

    I have been using twitter for years but they haven’t increased my traffic much. I guess it’s my followers. But thank you for these tips! I’ll be sure to follow them

    Ash |

    • Jamie

      You got it girl!

  • I definitely agree that posting retweetable content is key! Thanks for these tips, I love Twitter!

  • I loveeee Twitter! It was the first platform I really fell in love with! I would also recommend twitter chats and lists!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    • Jamie

      I have heard Twitter chats are a big way to grow your blog – but I really haven’t got into them yet!

  • Anna Hubbard

    These are great tips! I love using Twitter to promote content + connect with my readers!

    • Jamie

      Definitely a great way to stay connected!

  • I definitely need to step up my blog-social media game for sure in the next few months!


  • These are great tips! I tweet so many times per day because tweets have such a short shelf life.

    • Jamie

      Yes, that’s such a con of Twitter in my opinion! But, definitely why tweeting frequently is a MUST

  • thesofieyahdiaries

    Unfortunately i don’t use Twitter but these are still good tips for other social media accounts!

  • Girl these are all amazing tips! I need to work on my twitter badly! I feel like it’s so hard to connect but these tips will help!

    • Jamie

      That’s how I felt too, in the beginning! You’ll find your groove!